Digital Education Amidst Lockdown Breaking Building New Learning Capabilities

traditional classroom

What is happening currently was certainly unimaginable. No one could have imagined that we would be stuck at home for months. Kids not going to school or college would be okay people working from home will become a trend. 

The global hit pandemic has certainly changed everything from lifestyle, habits, and making one capable of doing new things. All basic entertainment and liberties have been taken away from us, and all we want is freedom. The most badly hit situation is an education in the India system being on hold. 

Education and Lockdown: 

education and lockdown

A few months back, schools and colleges got shut and students were in dilemma as to what will happen next? education and lockdown is a hot topic now! Almost in every home, you will be seeing at least one person talking about the disruption of education India due to the lockdown. People thought, this whole year will be without education and studies, but little did we know that digitally anything and everything is possible. 

The Era of Digital Education has begun: 

Education is a process of developing the attitude of learning and growing better. So, for that, one doesn’t necessarily require to attend school. It can be done right in the comfort of your home, with a laptop, smartphone, or computer and good internet connectivity. We have always though digital education will be coming shortly, but certainly didn’t imagine it to be this way. 

The Hidden Advantage of Online Education: 

digital education

Individualized Approach

Probably the major most important benefit of digital education is it getting highly personalized. Teachers and professors can easily communicate with each student and give importance to all of them. The attention is not divided like class studies, every student is questioned, through virtual classroom. It will require in-person communication with every student to understand whether or not they are grasping what’s been taught. 

Knowledge abundant

Unlike a traditional classroom, where a professor used to talk and talk no extra knowledge or information was being provided to the children. With online mode, a teacher can share any source or reference to look through online. Be it sending a YouTube video related to the subject for the student to gain better knowledge. Or giving a blog site to read and understand. Assignments can be shared through digital mode and students can complete and resent it back. 

Engaging Methodology

We are in the world of technology so much so that most of the time we’d be found using one. Mobile phones, laptops have become so common and we don’t mind watching a 5 to 10 minutes video on it, be it informative or nonsensical. In such scenarios, digital education becomes much more fun and engaging, as the students’ tent to participate more. It is not just about textbook learning and filling your notes, it is much more than that. Virtual education makes it more playful, exciting, and engaging, and it’s proven to be the best way of learning. 

Expand Opportunity

The student’s progress could easily be tracked through regular assignments and QnA sessions conducted. This way a teacher can be updated about the student’s understanding and it will widen the opportunities of new learning too. Students are found to be sharing more information and links to other classmates. A teacher can guide about the new course, with so many online free courses available on the internet today. This will only bring in new knowledge and learning. 


Now, you need not have to worry about waking up early in the morning, getting dressed up and going to school. And this statement relies on students as well as teachers, the comfortability level is great to both. With Digital Learning in India Teachers can make their own space at home which is comfortable for them and so will the students. This way online education won’t see to be a big challenge or a boring task to perform. It will be great because you are in the comfort of your home in your zone. 

education in the India

Although, it is still getting accepted and not completely accepted in India. The online education system is a new and latest way of studies that will over time be accepted. It will be the only mode of education in the future, if not now. Considering the ability and knowledge being provided to the teachers and students, online education will change the vision and perspective and become a better tomorrow. 


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