Website Development Trend & Techniques in 2020 you need to know

website development trends

Web development trend constantly upgrades and evolve time by time. Thus, updating the knowledge and knowing what is happening in the market seems to be a challenge. Some trends last longer, while some disappear too quickly, so if a web developer is simply not aware of the trend, there are lesser chances for success. 

Half of the time, online business tent to improve their online experience. If you refuse to follow and learn what’s happening in the web development industry, you are pretty much lagging. To keep you up to date, you need not have to go anywhere, our detailed latest website development trends are provided to you. 

  • Modular Designing

An interesting part of having a modular design is, developers can reuse the components, as well as a module, and create a new page. So, this doesn’t let the web developer build a new web page by using a template. This can be considered as one step ahead of templates. Each piece of the design should interlock with others, without causing much of an error. 

  • Voice Search

This is a spoken language query in the search engine which is garnering a huge demand. Modern smartphones have digital voice assistance equipped in fact, there are many technological advancements done in the area recently. By considering this, we can say that modern voice search will soon replace text search. Web developers who are updated with the trend tend to give more importance to voice search methods, as pain is gaining familiarity as well as learning its benefit. 

  • Responsive Design

This is always going to be in the trend list, the reason is, it pleases visitors as well as google search engines. If you go by the latest Google news, it is said that Google ranks a website based on its desktop version. So, if your site lacks mobile-friendliness, chances are you will be in big trouble. For web developers, learning the importance of creating website responsive, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate is the key to the success of an online presence. So if you arent there, you might stand no-where. 

latest website development trends

  • Chat Box

People come to your website, read a few lines, but they have queries with them. They would search for answers on your site and if they don’t find one. What will happen next? They will most likely navigate back. So, a chat box is such a benefit, that when a visitor visits your sites and has some questions, they can ask through the chatbox. A chat assistant will timely respond to their needs, address issues, clarify doubts, and you will good response, they can turn into customers. This is the most advisable website development trend to follow by online developers. 

  • AMP

When a mobile visitor visits your site, they will most likely wait for few seconds for your page to load. Mobile users are usually in a hurry, they have a perspective of getting quick information in mind. AMP load faster, as they tend to render the mobile web pages with suitable JavaScript and HTML. The main help you can gain from AMP is providing mobile users with instant access to your page without enough loading time. They are open-source library being lightweight, more appealing, and secured and goes well responsive in any device. This is pretty much the current website development trends to follow. 

  • Motion UI

Internet is vast, it’s so huge and users have so many things to view, access, and read. With that, when it comes to the human attention span, it is said that we humans have the worst attention span, we get distracted and bored very easily. Thus, to keep us entertained and focused, the online website needs to work on something creative and better. That’s where Motion UI evolved, that grasps user attention, keep them engaged, and so we tend to spend more time on a site. A captivating motion UI creates a better attention span and getting good leads too. 

What would you choose? 

If you are a medium-sized business, you are most likely focusing on creating faster and better website performance. If you are a small-scale business, you are mostly focused on creating leads. 

current website development trends

On the other hand, if you are big size firm, your main focus is to boost website performance, give user great experience. So, it depends totally upon your needs, choose the website development trends for your business. 


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